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10/29/11 what a tease..


A late October snow storm at Killington caused the beast to open for its winter season on October 29.  Of course we were there, but what a tease it has been with no new snow for 3 weeks now. Hopefully the forcast for tonight holds true.  If it does, we will be hiking tomorrow!

Turning new memories into old stories

Hello friends, family, and fellow riders!

Welcome to our blog, which will serve as a way to follow the adventures of two crazy guys from Vermont.  Last season was a great success, we learned new techniques, increased skill levels, took our talents to Colorado (aka Ballerado), and finally bought a helmet just to put a cherry on top.  This year,  while we will still be stomping freshies off the lifts, we’re also directing our focus to breaking trail for some hike/ride sessions in the Vermont backcountry and will be recording it all with the help of GoPro HD video so we can include everyone in the ride.  Hopefully, by the end of the season we will have uncovered some great backcountry runs that we can share with everyone.

If all goes as planned, which it rarely does, we will be updating this blog year round with stories from snowboarding/mountain biking/hiking/life, but not necessarily in that order.

Thanks, and hopefully you can enjoy the ride half as much as we do,

Eric & Jeremy